Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wally And Yosh

Wally Bayola and Eb Babe Yosh!

The philippine entertainment is once again shaken with the latest news about an alleged Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh video scandal were in a private video of comedian from a noontime show eat bulaga, wally bayola and eb babe yosh has made its way online or was it just a rumor that such a video scandals exist? There are photos and videos that are now spreading like wild fire on the internet and even though the chito miranda scandal happened just last month is this a new video scandal not to be missed? as wally who is now a famous comedian can’t deny his popularity among tv viewers because of his witty jokes along with his friend jose manalo and now that this video scandal is circulating the web it’s going to be viral just like the latter.
 Wally Bayola need to explain to his fans about this said rumors otherwise it would be a bad impression in the industry and i hope this is not another stolen computer hard drive mumbo jumbo thing or if it was, it is so annoying and unfortunate just like what i’ve reiterated before that avoid making one if you plan to do so to avoid inconvenience coz this is going to be a series of unfortunate events now that every social media seems to feast on this scandal made online again which is why I strongly condemn and discourage this wrongfully doing and practice of making video scandal even if it was personal intentions or what so ever and make no mistake because in this digital times nothing is impossible and with social media at a fast pace moving at the speed of thought we can never truly control the spread of such videos that are considered pornographic in nature.

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